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Within the scope of project management, cost and time planning, tender preparation studies, preparation of tender documents, preparation of specifications, evaluation of tenders, planning, realization and performance reporting after the contract, Alpkon, FIDIC, EFCA, TMMMB member independent engineering, architecture. and consultancy firm. The design, project management and consultancy services of Huawei, Türk Telekom Data Centre and Information Technologies Authority Data Centre sites, which we are the project and engineering service supplier, have been made within the scope of our company.

BIM / YBM (Building Information Modelling) experiences, our project management experience combined with all the business items, structural elements and all devices and equipment with digital media LOD 200 - LOD 500 modelling capability, design, project management, commissioning and structure Processes are becoming very easy.

LOD 250

LOD 300

LOD 350

LOD 400

LOD 500


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